We Make Cinematic Dreams …

Ignition Immersive is a visionary VR film production studio focused on excellence in VR storytelling and combining traditional cinematic narrative with groundbreaking VR film techniques. Our goals lie beyond the boundaries of convention – the Ignition Immersive team is a collection of individuals brought together by the unified belief VR is an exciting new frontier in filmmaking that offers us new ways to immerse and mesmerise audiences in story.

We view VR filmmaking as a revolution of the cinematic experience, breaking the boundaries of traditional screens and the way they confine stories to immerse audiences in the ‘whole of world’. This brings entirely new and exciting opportunities in the ways films are crafted, the experience of the audience and their connection to the stories we tell.

Original VR Films and Series

We develop fiction and non fiction projects, not for profit / social good, music and experimental arts, and creative brand agency work – all with the aim of engaging audiences in empathy and wonder. Our slate includes a range of ground-breaking narrative films and projects across (and often combining) multiple genres of film and stylistic approaches. Check out the Our Work section to explore some of the project we’re currently working on.

High Resolution – Stereoscopic and Spatial

We shoot in gorgeous high resolution stereoscopic using state of the art VR cameras as well as blended RED 8K Helium footage, coupled with deep expertise in capturing and designing advanced spatial sound. Our dedicated VR production studio in South Melbourne, Australia, employs creatives that cover all aspects of crafting VR films with excellence – from producing, camera and sound technical and directorial expertise in production, to a dedicated team of VR post production experts that can deliver visually and aurally stunning films.

Curating for Leading 360 and VR Publishing Channels

We’re experts at curating and publishing VR content and films where and how modern audiences choose to enjoy them – everything from in-line Facebook 360 feeds and embedded 360 or VR Youtube clips, right through to custom headset deployments and curated apps. We have a range of dedicated channels via website, mobile apps and social channels to promote and distribute VR content, and a growing range of partner platforms across the globe.

Content we shoot can be experienced as 360 videos on standard mobile and desktop devices right up to fully immersive VR experiences through platforms and headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, and Google Daydream. Just as the range of audience channels and devices is evolving daily, so is our production and distribution capabilities.

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