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We’re an immersive media studio specialising in Virtual and Augmented Reality production and app development.
Our team of creative and technology experts offer strategy, concept, production and post
services to create compelling next-gen experiences for today and tomorrow’s audiences. 

We Make

Cinematic Experiences

Ignition Immersive is a Melbourne-based virtual reality (360) production company, Augmented Reality development studio and Mixed Reality content creation lab that brings creative and technical expertise together under one roof to deliver experiential solutions for our clients.

Our team of storytellers, technologists and developers are passionate about fusing experiential technology into narrative-driven experiences for creative (film) and commercial (brand) objectives.

Production Services

Our extensive VR/AR/MR pre-production, production and post production capabilities enable us to create stunning immersive experiences. Our expertise spans ideation through to virtual, augmented and mixed reality app development and deployment, with specialist content curation capabilities including VR / 360 video and stills capture, integrated VFX including 3D/CGI and spatial sound curation.

VR Production

We have extensive virtual reality production capabilities with expertise across 8K stereoscopic VR capture and spatial sound workflows. Our on-demand production team can shoot Australia-wide and internationally, acquiring stunning VR and 360 video and stills capture.

VR Post Production

In-house expertise covering standard VR VFX workflows (including matting and stitching) through to complex VR/CGI workflows involving 3D modelling and interactivity. Specialist ambisonic and spatial sound mastering capabilities including 1st and 2nd order ambisonics.

VR Rentals

We have a range of virtual reality cameras and equipment available for rental on daily and weekly rates, including Kandao Obsidian R/S camera rentals and Insta 360 pro. Spatial sound and other production equipment also available for rent. Shoot and post produce yourself, or shoot and let us handle your post production.

AR App Development

Strategy, building and deployment of custom Augmented Reality applications across IOS/Android ecosystems. Marker, geography and geometric based AR activations solutions based on Unity and ARkit development.


Our innovation agenda includes specialised VR/AR/MR application and content development across specific industries and use cases:

Virtual / Augmented Reality


Comprehensive content, platform and deployment training solutions for site induction (including remote site induction), OH&S training, machine and vehicle specific training, soft skills training to encourage learning retention and mastery.

Virtual / Augmented Reality


Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for exhibition space activation including in-line VR and AR experiences, VR original exhibition content and integrated mixed reality exhibition and museum content solutions.

Virtual / Augmented Reality


VR/AR content solutions that drive metro and regional tourism. We specialise in capturing stunning VR footage of locations including drone aerial VR footage to drive social and virtual reality tourism campaigns and virtual tourism experiences.


Our VR originals production slate includes fiction films, VR series, documentary and experiential content that pushes the boundaries of VR as a wholly new narrative medium.


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