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VR/AR Tourism Activations

VR for Tourism
AR Tourism Activations
VR/360 Social Campaigns

VR/AR present unique opportunities to drive
rich content experiences across tourism trails
and bolster tourism campaigns with immersive content.


We specialise in capturing high resolution stereoscopic VR video to drive VR and Social 360 tourism campaigns, including narrated experiences, pure experiential content, drone aerial VR footage and immersive spatial sound. We also deliver custom AR app and content development services enabling rich activation experiences for tourist attractions and narratives told over singular or multiple locations.

Deliver your content through a range of channels including dedicated and mobile VR headsets, Google Cardboard campaigns, social VR/360 content on Youtube and Facebook and consumer mobile strategies for VR and AR apps.

Content Capture

We capture stunning high resolution VR stereoscopic footage and spatial sound of people, places and events and can deliver video to multiple channels from interactive VR headset experiences through to linear social 360 media campaigns.

Content Creation

Working with you to develop immersive narrative and experiential experiences across VR and AR that align to the unique objectives of each activation point.

AR App Development

Fully branded and customised AR apps for Android and IOS for consumer devices, with activations based on markers (objects), geometric areas (rooms/spaces) and geographic locations.

Deployment Solutions

Consultation and deployment of VR hardware, including discrete viewing stations, dedicated VR immersion rooms and pods, mobile VR and Google Cardboard strategies.

VR/360 Tourism Showreel

Explore a sample of VR/360 content we’ve shot across some of the most beautiful locations in Australia.

VR 360 Exhibition Content Creation
VR/360 Social Content

Use 360/VR videos and stills on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo, with content appearing natively as immersive media on desktop and mobile – gaining traction in social feeds and channels.

VR 360 Exhibition Headsets
New Platforms & Audiences

Reach new audiences by publishing mini VR experiences to leading consumer VR platforms, each with their own fast-growing ecosystems of viewers hungry for immersive content.

VR 360 Exhibition Google Cardboard
Branded VR Headsets

Drive tourism campaigns with low-cost branded Google Cardboard headsets with exclusive campaign and experiential content.


VR/360 Drone Aerial

Stunning high resolution drone aerial VR/360 footage gives audiences awe inspiring perspectives of locations and vistas.

Using the latest VR stereoscopic cameras coupled with innovative drone shooting techniques, we create stabilised VR drone footage of epic locations that inspire audiences in VR headsets and in 360 desktop/mobile campaigns.

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We work on projects ranging from once-off VR/360 video capture for Social 360 campaigns through to larger strategic regional/state tourism campaigns that involve combinations of VR and AR technologies across multiple sites and activation points.



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