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Virtual Reality Training

Site Induction, OH&S
Operational Skills
Mandatory Learning

XR technologies are a game changer for training
offering increased engagement, efficiency in training and
scalability in learning and development programs.


Engage your new employees, contractors and inductees into learning more effectively and efficiently using the power of immersive experience through VR 360 videos. VR enables you to create impactful experiences, enabling viewers to virtually explore a physical location or operate machinery, significantly accelerating the learning process.

Total Focus

Virtual Reality Training App Development Australia

100% Attention

VR headset environments capture 100% of the viewer’s attention and deliver total immersion in the training material and environment. No other medium ensures such a captive and attentive audience.


Stereoscopic VR brings a true sense of depth and spatial awareness to the viewer that 2D cannot. Concepts such as distance, scale and situational awareness can be powerfully communicated through VR.


VR enables lessons to be communicated effectively across a wide audience in a safe environment, teaching the viewers the necessary on-boarding material as if they are already in the physical space.


VR enables the ultimate in first and third person perspectives of environment, subject matter and situations, allowing course creators to literally put trainees into the shoes they’re intended to fill before they take their first step in real life.

Highly Effective

Virtual Reality Training App Development

Scale & Cost

VR headsets have become incredibly affordable and content can be easily deployed to headsets and training points globally. Content is portable across a variety of solutions including mobile VR and Google Cardboard.

Remote Sites

Create vivid training and induction for remote sites and situations that deliver full situational awareness and context to a remote viewer anywhere in the world. Inducting workers before they step foot on a site significantly reduces on-site training requirements.


Heighten engagement in training and skills development through immersive experiences that wholly engage viewers in the subject matter, significantly increasing retention of content.


The 360 degree canvas of VR and ability to mix live action and VFX overlays enables complex concepts and scenarios to be presented clearly and concurrently in ways 2D material struggles to represent.

Augmented Reality Training

Augmented Reality Training App Developers


AR enables training content to be made available on demand in the work place, with rich content able to be accessed by a wide variety of activation points such as machinery, hazard signs and geographic locations.


AR training content can be developed to be adaptive to environmental, situation and user variables – create adaptive AR training content that is tailored to for individual users in specific scenarios.


Use AR to enable concise operational, directional and safety content to be projected into physical spaces around the user with precise relevance to the environment and situation at hand.


Learning is significantly enhanced when content is consumed in situ to scenario and state. Augmented Reality offers unique opportunities to overlay important training content over the real world in everyday scenarios.

Broad Range of Use Cases

The power of VR/AR can be applied to a wide range of training, induction and skills based learning scenarios, including:

Virtual Reality Site Inductions


VR site inductions that give contractors and employees an accurate and contextual understanding of the scale and specifics of physical sites before they ever step foot on the premises.

Virtual Reality OH&S Training


Comprehensive OH&S training through VR with site and situation specific VR content that creates contextual awareness of OH&S principals in specific site, scenario and operational situations.

Virtual Reality Training Production Studio


Create wholly immersive training on machinery and vehicle operations, putting viewers in-situ with comprehensive first and third person training of both the technical operation and situational awareness.

Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills

VR’s ability to create empathy through immersion can bring new dimensions to soft skills training including professional skills development, sales training and broadening understanding of diversity and inclusion principals.


Training Packages

We can develop ongoing VR/AR training packages including subscription content and bulk packages covering an ongoing roadmap of training and development materials. We’ve developed specific packages to work in conjunction with training providers, and for broader training initiatives that involve a number of individual sites, operational requirements and situational needs.

Talk to us about your broader AR/VR training goals.

VR/AR Training

Custom Apps

We can create custom applications for the deliver of VR/AR training content – ideal for white label scenarios through training providers, or for entirely branded training materials for enterprises and businesses. Custom applications can be developed alongside existing L&D pathways and we work collaboratively with your team and your existing curriculum to achieve seamless integration.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help effectively deliver VR/AR training within your organisation.



We partner with training agencies, developers and consultants to deliver VR/AR training content as a back-of-house function. Our expertise and capabilities across  the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production chain enable us to deliver a broad range of content and delivery mechanisms that simplify the integration of VR/AR training into existing L&D agendas.



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