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VR/360 Capture & Post
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Our extensive expertise in VR/360 content capture,
VR post production and delivery, and AR/MR content development
is available on-demand for XR projects big or small.


We own extensive VR/360 production equipment and specialise in field capture of VR/360 video and stills content. From 8K stereoscopic acquisition chains and spatial sound through to managing entire production logistics, we provide on-demand VR/360 capture services to a wide range of clients. Explore our VR/AR/MR Production Studio services that range from in the field VR capture through to app development and deployment:

Capture Services


Hire VR/360 film crews to capture your next VR project. We have professional 8K VR production equipment, expert VR directors and cinematographers and 3D spatial audio sound engineers available to shoot on-site and on-demand.

Post Production


Our dedicated VR post production studio is available to stitch, render and master your next VR/360 project. Expertise in stereoscopic VR workflows, spatial sound mixing and VFX in VR including 3D/CGI.

VR Equipment Rental


We have a range of 6K and 8K stereoscopic camera kits available for hire, along with spatial sound recording equipment for hire. Shoot your own VR/360 content with competitive VR equipment hire rates, and optionally let us handle your post production requirements.

App Development


Experts in ARkit and Unity-based AR and VR application development. We have significant AR/VR content development capabilities along with our abilities to create entirely custom apps to deploy your content.

Our Capabilities

Our extensive VR/AR/MR pre-production, production and post production capabilities enable us to create stunning immersive experiences to support films, brands and experiential initiatives.


Collaborative ideation on delivering commercial outcomes

Expert guidance on value proposition, using VR/AR/MR to drive business objectives and improve ROI

Delivering optimised viewer experience


Dedicated creative and technical teams with full visibility across the VR/AR value chain

Single point of expertise for accurate estimates and project management

Connectivity across dedicated in-house R&D channels to connect creative vision to technical execution


State-of-the-art VR acquisition and film production equipment

Dedicated VR/AR production house with expertise across pre>prod>post workflows

Development of custom rigs, experimental capture techniques, drone and cable / motorised setups

Post Production

Full in-house capabilities across all VR/360 workflows and VFX requirements

3D Asset Creation, Spatial Audio, VR Editing + Colouring + Mastering and Unity / ARkit Development

Agile methodologies bring creatives and technical expertise together throughout the post-production process

Viewer Experience

Dedicated development capabilities for custom mobile or PC/Mac VR/AR apps

Curation of custom viewer platforms to empower stories, brands and objectives

Extended physical installations (e.g. VR projection domes) and activation points (e.g. AR as triggers for content)

Research & Development

Significant investment into our R&D pipeline

Low cost proof of concepts, development of A/B testing, audience testing

Proprietary custom rigs, VR/AR capture and viewing solutions


On Demand

We partner with agencies and can work seamlessly as a back-of-house function that can provide expertise and capabilities across part or all of the entire Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production chain.



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