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360 Photography Services

High Res 360 Photos
Stereoscopic (3D) Stills
Street View & Virtual Tours

360 photography from a Google Street View Trusted
agency delivering high res 360 stills and virtual tours
for businesses, brands and immersive media campaigns.


Hire our expert 360 photography professionals to create high resolution 360 virtual tours and immersive media for your business, brand or campaign. Our team of trusted photographers use the latest VR/360 cameras and recording equipment to produce photos and video that boosts visibility and engages your audience. Whether you’re looking for professional 360 photo spheres for your Google maps listing, virtual tours for your listings and site or immersive video and interactive media to support your web and social presence, we can help.

Google Street View Trusted

Professional 360 Capture

Kandao VR Cameras Australia

Superb Clarity

We shoot using professional VR/360 capture rigs that producing stunning 8K+ stills for both monoscopic photospheres, such as 360 virtual tours and imagery for Google listings, through to immersive stereoscopic media that can be embedded in sites and social and viewed on VR headsets.

Stand Out

360 content on Google Maps and as part of a Facebook 360 campaign delivers more traction and viewer engagement than most standard media. 360 photography and virtual tours empower potential visitors with a broad appreciation of your business, venue and location in ways 2D media cannot.

Virtual Tours

We can link 360 content we create into photosphere tours that work seamlessly with Google Maps, enabling visitors to intuitively explore your space. We can also create Virtual Tours that can be embedded on web sites with enhanced interactivity and rich contextual content such as popups.

Video & Social

Our team is capable of creating 360 / VR video content as part of a 360 photography shoot, with our VR post production facilities able to deliver content ready for Facebook 360 and Youtube. Facebook 360 video content has been shown to produce up to 46% VCR (Video Completion Rate) and +14% ROI compared to 2D video.

Trusted 360 Photographers

As a Trusted Agency with specialist photographers, we have expertise in acquiring professional 360 stills, removing tripods and other artefacts from photos, uploading content to your Google maps listing and, where required, creating linked imagery that forms intuitive virtual tours that Maps visitors can use to explore your business or tourist destination.

On a Budget?

We welcome projects big and small, working flexibly with our clients and within budgets. A standard location shoot delivering 2-15 photos in the Melbourne metro area can cost as little as $250 AUD including all costs from shoot to upload of photos and tours on Google. We work Victoria-wide and can cover regional areas as well as provide discounts for multi-site shoots.

Fast & Hassle Free

Our in-house production team can take care of all necessary logistics on shoots from basic talent releases to more complex shoots that may require permits, broader crew and talent management and bespoke content capture needs. No matter how complicated (or remote) your project, we can manage it. We’re also fast – in most cases we get your media deployed same or next business day.

We’re Perfectionists

With a full VR post production house behind us, we treat every project as a chance to deliver something visually outstanding. Where out of the box 360 photography can often yield artefacts such as stitching errors, we apply all possible corrections to our 360 photos, remove tripods, blur faces (where required) and color grade images.

Got You Covered

When you hire us, you get the complete package – we manage the crew, work with you on what aspects you want captured, master your images and upload them on your behalf with all the correct settings onto your Google listings, along with linking 360 photospheres for interactive exploration where required. We’ll also give you high res copies of the images for your own use.


Immersive Tourism

As VR/AR specialists we’ve developed unique solutions to create immersive experiences that support tourism objectives, including VR as part of tourism campaigns and Augmented Reality activations that enhance visitor experience and interactivity. Find out more on our VR/AR Tourism page.

Post Production


Our dedicated VR post production studio is available to stitch, render and master your next VR/360 project. Expertise in stereoscopic VR workflows, spatial sound mixing and VFX in VR including 3D/CGI.

VR Equipment Rental


Want to shoot it yourself? We’ve got a range of 6K and 8K stereoscopic camera kits available for hire, along with spatial sound recording equipment for hire. Shoot your own VR/360 content with competitive VR equipment hire rates, and optionally let us handle your post production requirements.


On Demand

We partner with agencies and can work seamlessly as a back-of-house function that can provide expertise and capabilities across part or all of the entire Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production chain.



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