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AR App Development

AR Activations
Custom AR Apps
AR Content Production

Our studio custom develops Augmented Reality apps
for a wide variety of activations including
marker based, geometric based and geographic activated.


We work with brands, businesses and agencies to develop custom AR applications that deliver on creative and commercial goals. Our studio has extensive content creation capabilities across VR, Video and VFX enabling us to deliver on the rich content within AR activations as well as the app development itself.

ARkit and Unity AR

Augmented Reality App Development

Multi Device

We develop in both ARkit and Unity creating AR applications that work in both iOS and Android ecosystems and can be deployed across a wide variety of today’s mobile phones and tablets.


We can develop AR activations that work off markers (such as specific objects), geometry (such as tables and environmental activations) and geographic (activated by the user’s GPS locations).


Customised AR applications are built with scale in mind, building a singular app platform to enable multiple AR activations for different scenarios and audiences.


From simple singular marker activations through to highly interactive multi-activation apps we build solutions that leverage the power of augmented reality to deliver engaging AR experiences.

AR Enable Anything

AR App Developers Melbourne

Tourism & Historic

Create engaging content experiences and directional information at tourism destinations and along tourism routes. Activate rich story content in-situ at environmental and historic locations. Use interactivity and gamification to drive tourism campaigns.

Training & Development

AR training apps bring rich content directly into physical environments, enabling on-demand training materials contextual to objects, OH&S policies within relevant environments, induction journeys and more.

Brand Campaigns

Drive brand campaigns with AR activations that entire customers to explore physical spaces and interact, including social AR gamification that enables consumers to share unique AR portraits and context experienes.

Big Data & Analytics

Bring big data and analytics to life with AR projections that draw live data from the cloud and project contextually into physical environments. Activate rich analytics from pages and physical objects, or create data projections that rise from geometric spaces such as tables and rooms.

Let Us Build Your Next AR App

We work flexibly with clients in Australia and international on developing engaging AR content and custom AR apps that focus on user experience. From small scale AR activations in bespoke scenarios to complex activations that involve AR, VR and MR, we deliver to your requirements.

On a Budget?

We welcome projects big and small. We can develop bespoke AR activations for singular events and use cases, such as AR exhibition stall activations and once-off reports, scaling up to broad consumer AR apps that drive major campaigns. 

Content Creation

Our in-house production team can create a wide range of content for AR experiences, including VR/360 content capture and production, 2D assets integration, and CGI/VFX assets creation. Our creative team work directly with our developers to ensure streamlined integration of content into the apps we build.

Build and Delivery

We take care of everything in the AR app development chain, including device and user testing, multi-device deployment strategies, publishing consumer apps to IOS and Android stores, and ongoing content publishing needs and app continual improvement.

Analytics & Social

In-built usage analytics feed vital data about how your customers use the AR apps we build and interact with the content. Social enablement of AR and social-driven AR content creates amplification for your brand and initiative.


Industry Expertise

We specialise in VR/AR solutions for specific industry use cases including Training & Development, Museum and Exhibition activations and Tourism. Explore our industry expertise and how we help deliver Virtual and Augmented reality experiences for specific industry use cases.

Production & Post


Already have an app or developers and looking for VR/AR content? Our dedicated production capabilities and post facilities are available to capture and create compelling content for VR and AR projects. Expertise in stereoscopic VR workflows, spatial sound mixing and VFX including 3D/CGI.



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