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Insta360 Titan Rental Kits feat 10K stereo.
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VR Camera Hire Australia

We provide production-ready Insta360 VR/360 camera rental kits including the Insta360 Titan and Insta360 Pro2. Based in Melbourne and providing VR hire and production solutions Australia-wide, all kits come with ample recording media, battery power solutions, mounting and monitoring options to cater for professional VR productions in the field.

Hire Insta360 Titan

Insta360 Titan Camera Hire

Capture stunning 10K cinematic VR with the Insta360 Titan. Featuring micro four thirds sensors with stunning low light capabilities and 10-bit colour for cinematic grading workflows.

Camera Specs
  • 10K 30fps 3D VR Videos, 8K 50fps 3D VR Videos
  • 11K Mono VR and 10K/11K Stills
  • 8 x Micro 4/3 Low-Light Sensors, 10-Bit Colour
Rental Inclusions

Insta360 Titan 10K VR Camera, Portable Wifi Hotspot, iPad Mini (Monitoring / Control)

10,000mAh removable battery
2 x 75 Wh V-Lock batteries with plate & adapter
Dual V-Lock Battery Charger
Mains AC Adapter

8x 128Gb Micro SD Media + 64Gb SD Proxy Card

Manfrotto 3-Stage Tripod, Travel Hard Case

Hire 8K Insta Pro 2

Insta Pro 2 VR Camera Hire

Shoot stunning 8K 3D video, 6K slow motion VR, HDR capabilities and get long range LiveSight Wifi connectivity with our Insta Pro 2 VR production kit. Features realtime stitching, Live VR broadcast capabilities, HDR and Adobe on-demand stitching plugin.

Camera Specs
  • 8K 30fps 3D VR Video, 8K 60fps Monoscopic Video
  • 4K 120fps Stereo or Mono Slow Motion Video
  • 8K 3D stills, 12K 360 Monoscopic Stills
  • HDR capabilities, FlowState Stabilization
Rental Inclusions

Insta Pro 2 Camera, Livesight Longrange Wifi TX/RX, iPad Mini (Monitoring / Control)

2 x Insta 360 Lithium-Ion Batteries
Dual Insta 360 Battery Charger
Mains AC Adaptor

16x 64Gb Micro SD Media (2 Sets)
2x 64Gb SD Media (Proxy Recording)

Manfrotto 3-Stage Tripod, Travel Hard Case

Buy Insta360 Cameras in Australia

Ignition Immersive is an authorised reseller and distributor of Insta360 VR products in Australia / New Zealand. We provide local sales, support and training for Insta360 professional cameras including the Insta360 Pro2 and Insta360 Titan. Leverage our extensive shooting experience to get custom kit recommendations for a variety of shooting scenarios and training for field VR capture through to VR post production and content deployment.

Try Before You Buy

Hire an Insta360 Pro2 or Insta360 Titan VR camera from us and we can deduct part of your hire fees from a future purchase through us. 

Buy Insta360 Pro 2

Insta Pro 2 VR Camera Hire

$7,490 AUD

Tailored Kits and Educational Discounts Available

Buy Insta360 Titan

Insta360 Titan Camera Hire

$23,990 AUD

Tailored Kits and Educational Discounts Available

Need Crew?


We work flexibly with clients in Australia and abroad from small scale on-demand productions with standardised rates, to larger and more complex VR capture projects with specific requirements and needs.

Post Production


Our dedicated VR post production studio is available to stitch, render and master your next VR/360 project. Expertise in stereoscopic VR workflows, spatial sound mixing and VFX in VR including 3D/CGI.



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