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Virtual Reality Production

8K VR Stereo Capture
Spatial Sound Capture
VR/360 Stills

Our Melbourne Virtual Reality production company
specialises in capture using the latest 8K stereoscopic
cameras and spatial audio recording equipment.


Hire our expert team to capture VR/360 content in Australia or internationally. We use professional 8K stereoscopic VR cameras and spatial ambisonics audio recording equipment to capture stunning VR/360 video and stills content. Our general production services include stitching and mastering of acquired footage on your behalf.

VR/360 Capture

Kandao VR Cameras Australia

8K Stereoscopic

With the latest professional 8K stereoscopic cameras we acquire ultra high resolution VR video and stills. Acquire content in 8K today to future proof for tomorrow’s VR audiences. Specialised 120fps slow motion VR cameras enable us to capture stunning slo-mo stereoscopic footage.

Motion Rigs

We’ve a range of innovative VR camera rigging solutions enabling us to run motorised dollies, high vantage points, vehicle and custom mounting solutions, motor cable cameras and more. We also have a range of specialised VR time lapse capture solutions,


Our 6 VR camera production inventory enable us to do broad concurrent coverage in large production environments, time critical shooting scenarios and large scale events and other VR coverage scenarios.

Drone Aerial VR

Fully stabilised 8K stereoscopic drone capabilities enable us to capture stunning high resolution aerial VR and 360 footage.

Spatial Audio Capture

Spatial Audio Production Melbourne Australia

Stunning Spatial

We’re equipped with professional integrated ambisonics microphones and multi-track recording equipment, enabling us to capture 3D spatial sound on location and in tandem with our 8K camera rigs.

Qualified Engineers

Our sound recordists have expert knowledge in spatial audio capture from both technical and aesthetic points of view. Their dedicated focus is on ensuring premium spatial and traditional sound is captured on all our shoots.

Integrated Lapels

We come equipped with a range of wireless lapels for single point talent capture and key environmental and ‘bug mike’ capturing on location, with expertise in mixing these mono capture sources into the spatial sound field.

Sound Enhancement

We’re also able to cater for specialised sound capture scenarios where a high degree of accuracy and authentic reproduction of location and ambient audio is a critical part of the workflow, and can take integrated mix-downs (such as mixing desks at events) into spatialised VR experiences.

Hire Our VR Production Crew

We work flexibly with clients in Australia and abroad from small scale on-demand productions with standardised rates, to larger and more complex VR capture projects with specific requirements and needs.

On a Budget?

We welcome projects big and small and work flexibly with our clients and within budgets. On a micro scale we can manage half day shoots with a 2 person minimal impact crew capturing stunning VR and spatial audio, scaling up to large and complex productions.

Production Logistics

Our in-house production team can take care of all necessary logistics on shoots including permits, crew and talent management, production management and content delivery. No matter how complicated (or remote) your project, we can manage it.

VFX and Delivery

With dedicated VR/AR post production facilities in-house we can shoot and turn around VR/360 footage with speed and reliability. Our general shooting costs include basic stitching, VFX matting and audio muxing, with extended editing, VFX and CGI available as required.

VR Events Coverage

Our team has extensive experience in shooting VR/360 events experiences, including music performances and festival. We work seamlessly with event logistics, production crew and media operations on site. Hire us to create the ultimate VR time capsule of your event.

Post Production


Our dedicated VR post production studio is available to stitch, render and master your next VR/360 project. Expertise in stereoscopic VR workflows, spatial sound mixing and VFX in VR including 3D/CGI.

VR Equipment Rental


Want to shoot it yourself? We’ve got a range of 6K and 8K stereoscopic camera kits available for hire, along with spatial sound recording equipment for hire. Shoot your own VR/360 content with competitive VR equipment hire rates, and optionally let us handle your post production requirements.


On Demand

We partner with agencies and can work seamlessly as a back-of-house function that can provide expertise and capabilities across part or all of the entire Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production chain.



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