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Insta Titan Cinematic VR/360

10K Stereo / 11K Mono VR
Micro 4/3 Low Light Sensors
10-Bit Cinematic VR Colour

Dry hire the Insta360 Titan VR camera in Melbourne, or use our VR film crew to support your 360 VR project.
We have extensive experience in cinematic VR capture including Titan VR workflows and post production VFX. Engage us to help create your next cinematic VR production in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

Insta360 Titan: Built for Cinematic VR

Ignition Immersive is an authorised distributor of Insta360 products in Australia and New Zealand including the Insta360 Pro2 and the Insta360 Titan professional VR cameras.

The Insta360 Titan VR camera ushers in a new age of cinematic VR capture, delivering unparalleled image resolution, clarity and grading control over images, through the post production chain. Key Insta360 Titan VR camera features include:

Micro Four Thirds Sensors

Insta360 Titan VR Micro Four Thirds Sensors

Micro Four Thirds sensors are the largest available in any unibody VR camera. They maximize Titan’s image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance and color depth, raising the bar for high-end VR capture.


Insta360 Titan 11K VR Resolution

Titan is the first unibody VR camera to shoot at 11K mono and 10K 3D. VR has never looked this real.  It takes a lot of pixels to capture every angle at once. Titan sets a new benchmark with 11K resolution and ample 3.3-micron pixels. That’s seven times higher than 4K.

Low Light VR Filming

Insta360 Titan Low Light Performance

Capture dusk and night scenes like never been. The Titan features superb low-light performance that puts it in a class of its own compared to other professional VR cameras. Capture crisp, vibrant, noise-free VR.

Stunning 10-Bit Colour

Insta360 Titan 10-Bit Colour Depth

Bring cinematic grading aesthetic to your VR productions. Titan supports shooting in 10 Bit color, allowing for billions of color combinations and surgical accuracy.

Try Before You Buy

Hire the Insta360 Titan VR camera from us and we can deduct part of your hire fee from a future purchase through us. Send us an enquiry to find out more.

Rental, Sales and Training

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy or up-skill on the new Insta360 Titan, Ignition Immersive can assist.

Titan VR Rentals

Hire the Insta360 Titan VR camera for your next production.

All our VR camera hire kits come ready to shoot including power, tripod, VR camera mounts and media (memeory cards and memory card readers), tailored for the Titan field work. We also have an extensive range of VR camera mounting, spatial / wireless sound capture and specialised VR production equipment available for hire to support your Virtual Reality production.

Hire Insta360 Titan
  • Shoot Ready Camera Kits: Power, Media, Rigging
  • Custom Kits For Specialized Shoots
  • Extensive Rigging and Mounting Solutions Available
  • VR Spatial & Wireless Audio Capture Kits

Titan VR Sales

Purchase your Insta360 Titan through us and received complimentary hands-on training and Australian-based support.

As part of the sales process we can advise you on everything else you’ll need to turn your Titan into a VR workhorse. Bulk purchase discounts, packaged VR support solutions and special Educational discount offers available.

Buy Insta360 Titan
  • Tailored VR Kits Based on our VR Expertise
  • Production optimized Power & Media Solutions
  • Custom Mounting Solutions & Recommendations
  • EDU discounts, bundled training and more

Titan VR Training

We’re experts in cinematic VR capture, VR post production and VR headset deployment.

The Insta360 Titan ushers in cinematic VR and along with it come new challenges for capture and post workflows. Our experienced team can provide hands-on training for your team, to get you up to speed with incorporating Titan VR footage into your next VR project.

Insta360 Titan Training
  • Field Capture and DOP: Optimising Titan’s Capabilities
  • Managing Media, Data and Camera Logistics On-Set
  • Stitching and Rendering: Out of the Box & Specialized
  • Post Prod Workflows and Horsepower: 10K Stereo
Need a Professional VR Crew?


We’re experts at Cinematic VR capture and workflows, working flexibly with clients in Australia and abroad, catering for small scale on-demand productions through to larger and more complex cinematic VR projects.

Post Production


Hire and shoot on our Titan kits, then leverage our post production capabilities. Purpose built to manage Insta360 Titan cinematic workflows 10K Stereo, VFX, grading from 10-bit colour, spatial sound design, VFX in VR, 3D/CGI and mastering for deployment on today’s and tomorrow’s headsets.



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