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VR/360 Post Production

VR Stitching & Matting
VFX Overlays & CGI
VR/360 Mastering

Our dedicated VR post production services are
geared for everything from standard 360 video production workflows
through to complex VR experiences involving specialised VFX.


Whether you’ve hired us to shoot your VR/360 project or have content acquired elsewhere, our dedicated VR post production services provide streamlined and expert mastering of VR and 360 experiences. We’re adept at handling complex high resolution stereoscopic footage and have in-house spatial sound mixing and mastering capabilities enabling us to deliver stunning experiences for our clients.

VR/360 Post Production Capabilities

VR 360 Post Production Company Melbourne

VR Dedicated

Our post production facilities and workflows are built from the ground up for VR/360 workflows, with in-house expertise across the entire VR/360 chain including stitching, assembly, editing, VFX, spatial audio and VR/360 content mastering.

Integrated VFX

We specialise in integrating motion graphics and CGI VFX into stereoscopic live action VR content, with dedicated workflows and techniques geared to efficiently and effectively integrate VFX in live action VR content. We also work with wholly CGI based VR experiences.

Mobile VR

Optimum viewing in Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream mobile VR ecosystems. We can support getting your linear content on the Samsung and Daydream stories as well as craft bespoke VR applications for both Gear VR and Daydream VR.


We’re able to develop VR apps and VR content for semi-interactive, wholly interactive and subconscious interactive VR experiences. If your project calls for something beyond a linear VR/360 film, we’re not just ready to deliver it – we’re excited by the prospect.

VR/360 Mastering

We take the hassle out of publishing VR/360 content across the many channels available today by optimising your content specifically for every channel you intend to deploy on. Ensuring your content is geared considering the resolution, stereoscopic vs monoscopic and spatial sound support ensures optimum viewer experiences no matter where you intend to deliver your VR/360 experience.

Virtual Reality 360 Production Company
VR Headsets - Oculus Rift

PC VR Headsets

For VR experiences that require interactivity or six degrees of freedom (6DOF) we recommend mastering content for premium VR experiences on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

VR Headsets - Oculus Go

Dedicated VR

For semi-interactive and linear high resolution VR experiences we recommend dedicated all-in-one VR ecosystems such as Oculus Go. We support mastering for both Oculus linear content as well as Oculus Go dedicated apps.

VR Headsets - Samsung Gear VR

Mobile VR

For broad reach we recommend publishing VR experiences on the Gear VR and Google Daydream mobile VR ecosystems. Both support non-interactive and semi-interactive VR experiences and have broad audiences based on VR accessible as part of their respective mobile phone systems.

VR Headsets - Google Cardboard

Social VR

We gear content for native 360 display in both Facebook 360 and Youtube 360 feeds for the widest possible social reach and influence. We can also assist with custom branded Google Cardboard VR headsets to make VR/360 content an integral part of your brand and messaging campaigns.

VR/360 Post Production Services

We work flexibly with clients in Australia and abroad to deliver post production facilities that enable cost-effective VR/360 commercial projects and ambitious VR/360 creative projects to be realised on-time, in budget and with a creative and innovative edge.

On a Budget?

We welcome projects big and small and work flexibly with our clients and within budgets. Our dedicated post facilities can turn around standard VR/360 matting and editing jobs in short timeframes and can scale up to support major VR/360 productions.

Expectations Managed

We’ve worked on micro 360 projects and complex VR interactive projects. Our in-house team can work with independent creatives and demanding creative agencies to deliver the most basic to the most demanding VR/360 experiences.

Complex VFX

We love resolving complex VR experiences that require unique viewer experiences that involve heavy VFX/CGI requirements or have specific spatial sound techniques to achieve optimum viewer experiences.

Make an Impact

We’ll always work within your boundaries, but we’ll also work with you on pushing the boundaries beyond expectations – VR/360 experiences enable audiences to experience narrative in ways they’ve never had before.



Our experienced VR/360 production crew can shoot VR/360 video or stills content on demand. We’ve developed custom rigs including motion and drone rigs to enable stunning 8K stereoscopic video and spatial sound capture.

VR Equipment Rental


Want to shoot it yourself? We’ve got a range of 6K and 8K stereoscopic camera kits available for hire, along with spatial sound recording equipment for hire. Shoot your own VR/360 content with competitive VR equipment hire rates, and optionally let us handle your post production requirements.


On Demand

We partner with agencies and can work seamlessly as a back-of-house function that can provide expertise and capabilities across part or all of the entire Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production chain.



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