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Blockchain Frontiers VR

VR Series
Pre Production
A cutting edge VR series exploring blockchain technology.

Made by award-winning documentary story-tellers, leading VR technologists and long-time crypto currency experts, this exclusive VR series aims to educate and excite viewers on how these technologies promise to revolutionise the global financial landscape.

Over seven unique and compelling episodes, Blockchain Frontiers addresses misconceptions about this controversial set of new technologies by explaining how they fundamentally differ from existing transactional systems and demonstrating the potential through real-world examples. Through ‘trial by fire’ the philosophical, technological and practical impacts of the underlying innovation are laid bare, exposing the flaws and exploring the expanding ecosystem of solutions.

Ultimately, with the genie already out of the lamp, the series grants the viewer an impartial perspective and separates wishful thinking from practical impact.

Leveraging the experiential nature of VR, expert documentary storytelling, CGI data/analytics, vivid stereoscopic VR live action video and traditional 2D media as part of the VR experience, Blockchain Frontiers will be the de-facto standard in rapidly bringing people up to speed on blockchain technology and igniting imagination about the future.


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