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Influential, progressive and popular - yet almost forgotten...

Dame Nellie Melba was a trailblazer, a progressive and powerful force in Australia’s history. Melba’s story is incredibly inspirational, yet despite being on our $100 note, many Australian’s know little or nothing about her.

Nellie Melba VR draws on historic knowledge, artefacts and diary entries to answer the questions of who Nellie was, what she stood for, and how she achieved it as a woman living at the turn of the last century. This project will utilise virtual reality, to allow people to step back into history, and learn through the perfect lens – Melba herself. We meet an elderly Melba over a cup of tea, where she reminisces about her fondest memories and achievements. Through immersive flashbacks, we showcase Melba herself; her humour, determination and adventurous nature in navigating a patriarchal world through four pivotal moments in her life, each with a contemporary reflection on modern themes.

Nellie Melba VR will enhance her legacy, educate the viewer, and elevate Melba to the stature of historical remembrance befitting her influence and achievements. Today’s youth can draw inspiration from Nellie across all aspects of her life – from charity advocacy, stardom, technology adoption and social justice. Nellie was intelligent, rebellious and driven.

We want to inspire young women with the story of a 19th century icon who would be perfectly at home in the 21st century.

Nellie Melba VR is a Not For Profit production.

Tax deductible donations can be made to support the creation and distribution of this project via the Australian Cultural Fund:


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