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Tenacious! Is a documentary that seeks to raise the awareness and profile of people living with disabilities as people – not limited by their inabilities, but empowered by their limitless potential.

It’s about self discovery amidst a sea voyage on one of the largest wooden tall ships in the world, and broadening horizons of everyone on what the human spirit is capable of.

Operated by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, and supported by the British Royal Family, the tall ship Tenacious! has been designed to allow people with disabilities to crew the entire vessel, as a catalyst to change the perceptions of what living with disability means.

The breath-taking scale and beauty of the ship serves as a backdrop to the personal journey of people living with disability, working together alongside able-bodied colleagues without concession to one’s physical limits.


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Ignition Immersive is proud to have Teancious! accepted into the Google Daydream Impact program. Find out more about the program here: 

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