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Two Minutes to Midnight (Series + VR Documentary)

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This generation has never lived through a catastrophic, modern nuclear strike, and never want to…

The Doomsday Clock was established by atomic scientists in the shadow of WW2 nuclear warfare. It summates leading academic thinking into a single expression: how close to global destruction (midnight) are we?

Nuclear fall-out affects people of all ages, race, gender and class, alongside animal life and the environment we share. In academic circles, alarm bells are ringing. The effects of just 2, or 3 modern nuclear strikes would be devastating to global ecosystems. Public awareness of the impact of modern nuclear warfare is concerningly limited and largely based on WW2. But the nuclear weapons of the 1940’s hold little comparison to advanced, multi-missile nuclear warheads of present day.

Alongside this threat is the deterioration in non-proliferation efforts, countries increasing their nuclear arsenals and reckless political rhetoric. The media no longer openly condemn nuclear threats and social media plays down the risks of nuclear weaponry.

Every year the hands of the Doomsday Clock are moved, depending on the likelihood of a nuclear strike. Historically the ’62 Cold War Cuban missile crisis was the closest. But in 2018 the clock returned to this same position: Two Minutes to Midnight.

This documentary mini-series and VR experience will distil historical experience with modern scientific and geopolitical knowledge and then take us to an unimaginable future: a modern use of nuclear weapons. We will visit four corners of the globe, bringing science into perspective through human portraits of survival: from day zero to 20 years beyond, we demonstrate how air and water borne radiation, nuclear winter and global famine present threats to the planet and to humankind.

Both the VR experience and the documentary mini-series intend to spread awareness at public, media and governmental level on the urgent need to illegalise nuclear weapons and to build support for the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. To date the Treaty has been ratified by 26 of the 50 member countries required to enter into force and outlaw nuclear weapon programmes.

We intend the VR piece to be a campaign and education tool and will make it available to 2017 Nobel Peace Prize laureates ICAN their 541 non-governmental partner organisations around the world.

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